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"An Eye-Opening Experience"

Hannah's internship at the department has made her future plans become more clear.

“What do you want to do after school?”

Growing up, I never knew what to answer. While many of my friends had their future planned out already, I was always kind of clueless. My two-week internship at Philipps University in Marburg has changed that.

As I’ve always liked the English language and knew that I wanted to take up university studies, I decided to try out Anglophone Studies. However, prior to my internship, I had gathered lots of information about Anglophone Studies already and couldn’t help but wondering if an internship was still necessary as I felt prepared and informed already. But through the internship I have gained an insight into living and studying at university that I never would have gotten from just reading brochures and talking to students.

I was able to attend a broad variety of classes that showed me what studying Anglophone Studies really means. In just two weeks, I learned more about English linguistics than in 12 years of school; I met exchange students from the USA, from China, and from France; I was given the opportunity to participate in class and was welcomed and well-integrated. I explored topics that I never heard of before, like forensic linguistics and the Proto-World, obtained new skills in writing and grammar classes, and deepened my knowledge on topics I’ve learned about in school. In some classes, I could even hand in homework and get feedback on it that was extremely helpful. Everyone was extremely nice and the classes were all really fun.

Pretending to be a student at Philipps-Universität for two weeks has really helped me with my struggle to find an answer to the question above, and I’m sure it’ll help anyone with similar problems as well. So, if you’re considering university studies, put down your brochures, and come and see what studying is really like!

Finally, I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Carmen Birkle for giving me the opportunity to attend all those amazing classes and thereby giving me the insight I needed.


Hannah Küllmer (Alfred-Wegener-Schule, Kirchhain)