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Outgoing Students

The following pages contain assistance and documents for the preparation, carrying out and follow up for your stay abroad. We recommend that you make regular use of this offer.

If you are interested in a stay abroad, you should start planning well in time because aside from personal aspects such as your preferred location, there are many organisational matters to consider. As a rule, applications should be submitted early (up to 1 year before the start of the stay) and there are certain course requirements to be met for which attestations (or transcripts) are needed.

You have a variety of possibilities to complete and finance a stay abroad as part of your studies. The following pages refer primarily to the Erasmus programme. For possibilities of studying abroad in non-European countries and the appropriate funding opportunities, please see the information and additionally resources under “more offers”. Frequently asked questions are addressed in our FAQ and you will find explanations of terms specific to stays abroad in the glossary. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for, do feel free to speak to us!