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Student Council of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Foto: Fachschaft des FB 10

Dear students and enthusiasts,

We, the Student Council 10 Foreign Languages and Cultures, are your contact persons for:

  • Problems with how courses progress
  • Problems with lecturers
  • Problems with figuring out who to approach in the system
  • General student advice

If we are unable to help you immediately, we will forward you to the right contact person who can (AstA, legal advice, etc.).

We represent you in various committees at the University of Marburg, as in for example, in directorates, at the departmental council (Fachbereichsrat - FBR) and at the Student Council Conference (Fachschaftenkonferenz - FSK).

In addition to this, we organise the very popular Orientation Week for freshers, (Einführungswoche für Erstsemester*innen - OE) and the freshers’ excursion as well as cultural events, such as the Reading Week, going to the theatre, excursions and a lot more. Of course, we party too! There is always something happening!

Are you interested in actively taking part in the Student Council? Then just drop by! We meet every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. in the Student Council room (06D02, PhilFak Tower D, 6th floor). It is very much worth it and we will be happy to have you!

See you soon! Your Student Council 10 Foreign Languages and Cultures

You can find updated information about our events and everything else important on our website or on Facebook.