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Internships allow students to gain insights into various professional fields and potential careers in addition to acquiring practical knowledge. Gaining work experience in a particular branch, company or activity gives students an opportunity to test the waters with regard to future career options. On this website you will find information that might be helpful to you in selecting and applying for an internship.

Independently searching for an internship/practical placement together with the application process are inherent to the internship module in your course of studies. The study and exam regulations for your degree form the legal basis for your internship.

The course and exam regulations form the legal basis here with regulations for internships.

  • Organisational matters

    Students should independently begin the search for an internship. If you have trouble while searching for a placement, or if unforeseen difficulties arise during your internship, please contact your mentor.

    Internships should be registered with the Examinations Office via MARVIN, using the correct examination number which can be found in your module concordance (see Marvin).

    On completion of your internship submit, to your mentor, the following documents: Proof of internship (letter from your internship provider) and Internship report.

    You can find an information leaflet under forms and handouts.
  • Offers from the Career Center

    The Career Center supports you in your search for a job:

    • Advice and assistance with searching for jobs and internships
    • Events relating to studies and work
    • Professional practice series: introductions to various professions from in the humanities and the social sciences, which may be also be suitable for internships
    • Career information: lists of possible fields of employment for students graduating from the humanities and social sciences
  • Internships abroad

    You can also independently search for an internship abroad: With ERASMUS (within Europe) or worldwide (not ERASMUS). 

    The Center for Teacher Education (CfTE) also offers information on the subject of school internships abroad (SPS2 or PraxisLab). Relevant information can be found on the CfTE website; If you have questions, .