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Projekte und Zentren

The following projects and centres are housed at our department or are carried out with the participation of department members.

The Linguist's Lair

Foto: Rolf Kreyer

Linguistic topics are sometimes felt to be challenging particularly for beginnerst, which may be due to them usually not being represented in the school curriculum. The Linguist's Lair addresses this in a playful manner by offering the first linguistic Escape Room. The game is designed to accompany the introductory class and offers opportunities to immediately apply the newly-acquired skills and knowledge. Further information on the project page.

Marburg Centre for Canada Studies

The Marburg Centre for Canada Studies emerged in 2001 with the interdisciplinary task force “Kanada der Philipps-Universität”, founded in 1989, that was already then able to draw on the longstanding research interests of scientists at Marburg on Canadian studies.

The centre comprises of members from different departments (Foreign Languages and Cultures, Geography, Social sciences and Philosophy among others) and facilities (the library) of the university that have a mutual interest in Canada and Canadian studies. The aims of the centre include the exchange and deepening of knowledge of – among others – geographical factors, the political and social system, and the literature(s) of the world’s second largest country.