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The Linguist's Lair: A linguistic Escape-the-Room Game

The first digital Escape Game for Linguistics is currently being developed at the Department of English and American Studies at Philipps University Marburg!

The subsection of linguistics can be quite challenging to students of English Studies during the initial phase because it is not usually part of the school curriculum. The game-based approach followed by the project The Linguist's Lair should particularly motivate students to lay a solid foundation to their studies.

Das Video zum Lehrpreis!
Video: Uni Marburg, Pressestelle

Following a failed theft of exam tasks, players will have to find a way out of Prof. Kreyer's locked office and into the hallway that leads to freedom... But maybe all is not what it seems and further tasks await? 

Take a look inside the game

Mini game "The Missing Link" from "The Linguist's Lair"
Foto: Rolf Kreyer

Virtually discover the rooms of Prof. Kreyer's workgroup and solve linguistic puzzles along the way! Each area is contains clues and items that help you in your goal to escape. Each room is assigned to a session from the introductory linguistics lectures, so all newly-acquired linguistic knowledge and skill can be directly applied.

Scene from 'The Linguist's Lair'; finding a key
Foto: Rolf Kreyer

The first room is already available, and further areas are currently being developed by the project team under the supervision of Prof. Kreyer.

Linguistic Escape Room wins teaching award “Lehre@Philipps” 2019!

Alle Gewinner des Lehrpreises Lehre@Philipp 2019
Foto: Markus Farnung
Die Preisträger/innen bei Lehre@Philipp 2019

On 20 November 2019, the "Tag der Lehre", the project won the teaching award „Lehre@Philipps“.

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Watch the teaching award video!