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Doctoral and post-doctoral (Habilitation) degrees

Doctoral degrees

Current (working title)

Al-Shatnawi, Baker. Double Consciousness and the Matter of Split Identity in Leila Ahmed’s A Border Passage and Toufic El Rassi’s Arab in America (supervisor: Birkle)

Bendiola, Marie Jude: Understanding Digital Immigration in the Age of the Internet: A U.S.-American Global Perspective (supervisor: Birkle)

Bolanca-Lowman, Elvira. American Immigrant Literature (supervisor: Birkle)

Fackiner, Wulf Gero: Boxing in American Literature (supervisor: Birkle)

Farid, Aziza Abdelsalam: Arab and Muslim Americans in the Detroit Metropolitan Area and Segmented Assimilation (supervisor: Birkle)

Fels, Carmen: Narratives of Identity and Metamorphosis in Jeffrey Eugenides’s Middlesex: A Transgenerational Study of Twenty-First-Century American Experience

Ge, Yuwei: Leaning in and Moving Forward: Female Leadership in Legal and Political Professions in the United States (supervisor: Birkle)

Hamlaoui, Sihem: Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education in the MENA Region

Hanneder, Helena: Writing Revisions and the Progress of German Learners of English: A Corpus-Based Study (supervisor: Kreyer)

Hartmann, Laura: Sisterhood Beyond Borders (Working Title) (supervisor: Birkle)

Heinsch, Patrick: Synergieeffekte beim Einsatz humanoider Roboter im Geschäftsalltag (supervisor: Handke)

Hoeck, Sandra: Selling Beauty: A Linguistic-Communicational Investigation of the Female Beauty Ideal of Advertising Campaigns in an International Comparison (supervisor: Birkle)

Hoffmann, Tim:  Error Annotation for Learner Corpora (supervisor: Kreyer)

Kashefolhagh, Maryam: Indentity Construction and Transformation through Immigration in the Literature of Female Iranian American Authors in the Diaspora (supervisor: Birkle)

Kimpel, Imke: Dramaturgical Concepts in the Early Modern Period: Shakespeare and Beyond

Kircili, Kathrin: "Non-Canonical Syntax in Learner Languages: A Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis" (Betr.: Götz-Lehmann)

Koch, Christina Maria: Patient Lines: Understanding Illness Experience in and through Graphic Narratives (supervisor: Birkle)

Liu, Xiayu: "Cognitive Processes in L2 fluency: An experimental approach" (working title)

Meimei, Jia: Detecting a Quantum Shift: On American Memetic Television and Cultural Evolution (supervisor: Birkle)

Müller, Julia: The Monster Next Door: American Serial Killers from the 1950s until Today (supervisor: Birkle)

Nafisy, Firoozeh: A Culturalist Approach towards Linguistics and Curriculum Design in the Process of Teaching and Learning English as Foreign Language and Culture (supervisor: Birkle)

Raeisian, Mona: The Rumpelstiltskin Effect: Identity and Ideology in Contemporary American Police Procedural. (supervisor: Birkle)

Rejitha, Parrvathee: “Stories of Lost Self: Looking at Dehumanization, Identity Crisis, and Racism through Cancer Performance Narratives” (Betr.: Birkle)

Rueß-Stoll, Rita: Males and Quilting in Selected North American Prose (supervisor: Birkle)

Said, Walaa' AbdelAziz: Empowering a Dystopian Subaltern: A Comparative Study

Salman, Mehtap: Fantasy Literature (supervisor: Birkle)

Schaub, Steffen: The Development of Syntactic Complexity in Intermediate Learners of English (supervisor: Kreyer)

Wang, Ying (Jasmine): Amid a Polarized America: Searching for the Cultural Roots of Polarization among Chinese Americans (Betr.: Birkle)

Weber, Katharina: Assistenzrobotik in der Hochschullehre (supervisor: Handke)

Weinreich, Johannes: The Literary Democracy of Mark Twain and William Dean Howells: Fiction and Fact at the Intersection of Popular Literature, Culture, and Political Theory during the Gilded Age in the United States of America (supervisor: Birkle)

Zeaiter, Sabrina: Das Robotikum – MINT-Förderung für Schülerinnen und Schüler (supervisor: Handke)

Zhou, Miaoxi: Motherhood in U.S.-American Women’s Writing from the 1960s to the 1990s (supervisor: Birkle)

Zürz-Bösherz, Christina: Categories of Hunger in Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games Trilogy (supervisor: Birkle)

Completed (since 2000)


Koch, Christopher: Collocational Sequences in World Englishes: A Corpus-driven Approach to Variationist Models (supervisor: Kreyer)


Chakroun, Sana: A Comparative Study of Conflict Management in United Nations Security Council Resolutions from a pragmatic perspective: The Palestinian Cause and the Arab Spring as case studies. (supervisor: Kreyer)


Güldenring, Barbara: Conceptual Metaphors in New Englishes: A Corpus-based Approach to Cognitive Contact Linguistics (supervisor: Kreyer)


Ullmann, Stefanie: Talking About a Revolution: A Corpus-Based Enquiry into the (Ab)Use of Linguistic Conceptualisations in Social and Political Discourse (supervisor: Kreyer)

Wang, Xiaohui: Culture in the Novels of Henry James. (supervisor: Birkle)


Fober, Magdalena:Vom (Über)schreiben imaginatorischer Grenzen: Darstellungen des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz in der amerikanischen Literatur

Lenz, Katja: Lexical Appropriation in Australian Aboriginal Literature

Li, Qianqian: Settling down in a Foreign Country: A Comparison between U.S. and German Immigration Policies and Their Consequences

Rojek, Janina: Tracing Seriality: The Quality Debate and Late Nineteenth-Century Magazine Fiction


Bauer, Carolina:From tendency to feature: The development of anti-Catholicism in early modern English drama

Schäfer, Anna Maria: Erkennung und Korrektur von Aussprachefehlern


Kestermann, Nora: The American Pastoral and Its De-Idealization in Two Contemporary American Novels: Philip Roth's American Pastoral and Cormac McCarthy's The Road

Langwald, Sylvia: Diasporic Generationality: Identity, Generation Relationships and Diaspora in Selected Novels from Britain and Canada


Heil, Johanna:An Inquiry into Knowing: Narratives, Sciences, and Works of Art in Richard Powers’s Fiction

Lohöfer, Astrid: Ethics and Lyric Poetry: Language as World-Disclosure in French Symbolism and Canadian Modernism

Schmidt, Silke: (Re-)Framing the Arab/Muslim: Mediating Orientalism in Contemporary Arab American Life Writing

Ulm, Marco: Dialogizing the Monologic in First Nations Literature:Bakhtinian Reading of Thomas King and Joseph Boyden 


Unger, Tobias: Ein Ansatz zur Erweiterung von linguistischen E-Learning Kursen durch dehypertextualisierte Lerninhalte


Radu, Anca Raluca:Intertextuality in English-Canadian Artist Novels


Franke, Peter: Designing Embodied Interactive Software Agents for E-Learning: Principles, Components, and Roles

Freiesleben, Sonja: Imperial Desire and the Canadian North: Constructing the Arctic in Nineteenth-Century British Exploration Writing and Twentieth-Century Canadian Literature

Neuhaus, Mareike: "That's Raven Talk": Holophrastic Readings of Contemporary Aboriginal Literature

Sandrock, Kirsten: Gender and Region in a Dialogical Age: Canadian Maritime Fiction in English by Contemporary Women

Schiffhauer, Mark: From Wilderness to Environment: The Role of 'Nature' in Western American Historiography from Frederick Jackson to Donald Worster and the New Western History


Callies, Marcus: Information Highlighting and the Use of Focusing Devices in Advanced German Learner English: A Study of the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface in Second Language Acquisition

Fenske, Claudia: Muggles, Monster, Magier: Eine Literaturwissenschaftliche Analyse der Romanserie 'Harry Potter'

Keller, Wolfram: Selves and Nations: The Troy Story from Sicily to England in the Middle Ages

Müller, Anette: London as a Literary Region: The Portrayal of the Metropolis in Contemporary Postcolonial British Fiction


Chen, Long: Lexical Strategies of Chinese Learners of English in L1-L2 Translation


Michaelis, Heike:Darwinismus und literarischer Diskurs in England am Beispiel von George Eliot und Thomas Hardy


Handwerker, Claudia: New Technologies and Higher Education in Germany: A Field Study and Comparison

Quennet, Fabienne: Where 'Indians' Fear to Tread: A Postmodern Reading of Louise Erdrich's North Dakota Quartet

Post-doctoral degrees

Current (working title)

Heil, Johanna: Becoming-Body: Technologies of the Self and Freedom in American Modern Dance. (supervisor: Birkle)



Schmidt, Silke: The (2+x) Cultures Conversation: A Pragmatic Reading of Management in Text.