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March 23, 2021 Workshop: "Pandemics and Their Socio-Cultural Effects"
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The COVID-19 pandemic is omnipresent. Starting in China, it has quickly spread all over the world. People are confronted with the virus in everyday life: Schools, shops, and museums are closed; people are wearing masks to go grocery shopping; online meetings with friends, families, and colleagues have replaced meetings in presence. The interdisciplinary workshop “Pandemics and Their Socio-Cultural Effects” — with participants from American Studies, Social Psychology, the History of Medicine, and History — offers an investigation into how pandemics are perceived through the lens of writers and artists in comics, short stories, poems, novels, and memorials. It examines how cultural work is shaped by pandemics and how writers and artists in general portray their own experiences in their art. Additionally, the workshop provides a closer look at the socio-cultural impacts of a pandemic and how literary works engage with this change in society.