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Your internship as a school pupil at the Department of English and American Studies

You are interested in a company internship or a university orientation internship at the Department for English and American Studies? Then you should ideally apply at one of the chairs depending on what you wish for in an internship. Please do remember that an application consists of a cover letter (which will include your email address) and a brief curriculum vitae.

You have the following options when applying:

Prof. Dr. Birkle
Focus: American Studies, Literary Studies

Prof. Dr. Fielitz
Focus: English Studies, Literary Studies

Prof. Dr. Handke
Focus: Linguistic data processing, Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Kuester
Focus: English Studies, Literary Studies

If you cannot make a decision or you do not have a particular preference for an area for your internship, you can send your application to the business office of the department (you will find the address at the end of the page on the green band). Then Ms. Döring will try to find a suitable placement for you.