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Student loan officials (BAföG-Beauftragte)

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A record of academic performance (Leistungsnachweis) is required at the end of the 4th semester for to apply for a grant (Ausbildungsförderung).  This “Form 5” can be signed at our department by the student loan officials: Prof. Dr. Carmen Birkle und Dr. Sabine Heuser.

Your preparations for “Form 5“ (Formblatt 5)

Form 5 of §48 BAföG is available on the pages of the Studentenwerk and, additionally, you will find here further information about how it is issued.
Tips on completing the form can be read in the handout. This can be found also in form downloads.

  1. Please come by only during office hours.
  2. Before you come to the office hours, please complete the top section of the form with your name, course of study, department, grant number (Förderungsnummer), etc.
  3. Bring with you an official printout of your examinations as listed in the grades overview (transcript available from the Examination Office FB 10 only for subject English / Anglophone Studies).
    (for Prof. Birkle’s signature; Dr. Heuser’s is not necessary). 
  4. Check beforehand if the required modules have been entered. Those not on record cannot be considered. 

The minimal requirements with which a proper course of study can be duly attested are met with completing the 4th semester:

Degree Proof of performance
English Teacher Education
Evidence of the status the intermediate exam, therefore the completed modules
  • M1
  • M2
  • M4 und M5
=> Total 36 CP
BA Anglophone Studies Evidence (grade overview) of completed modules
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • Sprachpraxis: Language in Use I
  • As well other modules of the Language Course (Sprachpraxis), the advanced level of subjects (compulsory II) and the profile modules
=> Total 100 CP

The statement should be handed in by the end of the 4th semester (therefore, end of September). Please plan accordingly when choosing courses, handing in term papers and timely speak to lecturers about the time it takes to correct the submissions (ideally at the beginning of the 4th semester).