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Recommended Order of Study

The sequence of modules recommended by the department is presented in the so-called 'order of study'. Although this is not binding, it does take into account the sensible sequence of the modules in terms of content, as well as a workload that is as consistent as possible during the course of study. If deviations from this recommended course of studies are intended (e.g. due to a longer internship or a stay abroad), it is recommended to make an appointment with the student advisor in advance in order to plan the further study order.

Recommended Order of Study (please click for a larger representation)

Data Science (B.Sc.) Beginn im Wintersemester  1. Semester: Objektorientierte Programmierung (9 LP), Grundlagen der Mathematik (6 LP), Lineare Algebra 1 (9 LP), MarSkills-Modul (6 LP) 2. Semester: Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen (9 LP), Systemsoftware und Rechnerkommunikation (9 LP), Programmierpraktikum (6 LP), Grundlagen der Analysis (9 LP) 3. Semester: Effiziente Algorithmen (9 LP), Elementare Stochastik (9 LP), Grundlagen der Höheren Mathematik (9 LP) 4. Semester: Datenbanksysteme (9 LP), Maschinelles Lernen (9 LP), Praktikum zur Stochastik (6 LP), Wahlpflichtmodul (6 LP) 5. Semester: Kontinuierliche Optimierung (9 LP), Ausgewählte Themen der Informatik / Data Science A (Seminar) (3 LP), Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum für große Daten (6 LP), Wahlpflichtmodul (6 LP), MarSkills-Modul (6 LP) 6. Semester: Wahlpflichtmodul (9 LP), Ausgewählte Themen der Informatik / Data Science B (Seminar) (3 LP), Bachelorarbeit (12 LP), MarSkills-Modul (6 LP)