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M.Sc. Data Science

This project-orientated master’s program specializes in computer science, as well as having a mathematical focus in statistical data analysis or scientific calculation. The primary aim is to enhance independent scientific research. Graduates are qualified to take on responsibility for tasks and lead projects in industry, economics and academic or public institutions which rely on scalable methods and techniques for the analysis of big and heterogeneous data, as well as on simulation in problems concerning natural sciences, economics and technology. Additionally, the completion of a highly successful master’s degree enables the graduate to continue on to a doctoral degree – primarily focusing on computer science and applied mathematics.

The M.Sc. Data Science program is comprised of modules (What are modules?) from the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics. The following table provides an overview of the modules to be completed throughout the course of study according to their allocation to academic disciplines in terms of content. The elective modules can be chosen based on individual interests. Further information on the study program can be found at the German program web page, in the Study and Examination Regulations and the current module guide (both only available in German).

Specialization Modules in Computer Science   42
   Eligible modules according to the module guide E 42
Advanced and Specialization Modules in Mathematics  
   Eligible modules according to the module guide and
   the area of emphasis "Scientific Computing"
E 24 Area of emphasis in "Scientific Computing"*)
   Measure and Integration Theory
        Maß- und Integrationstheorie
R 6
Area of emphasis in "Analytics"*)
   Eligible modules according to the module guide and
   the area of emphasis "Analytics"
E 18
Profile and Practical Modules
   Project Work Data Science
        Projektarbeit Data Science
R 12
   Introduction to Scientific Working Data Science
        Selbständiges wissenschaftliches Arbeiten Data Science
R 9
   Seminar in mathematics or computer science
E 3
Final Module
   Master Thesis
R 30
Sum   120

(R=Required module, E=Elective)

*) One of the two areas of emphasis has to be chosen. For the area "Scientific Computing", 24 credit points must be completed in any modules, for the area "Analytics", the module "Measure and Integration Theory" and at least one module on stochastics must be completed.