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Study Structure

The master's program Data Science is composed of modules (what are modules?) of computer science and mathematics and optionally an application area. On the following pages you will find important information for the degree program. Special emphasis is placed on the presentation of the formal regulations of the degree program, as they are regulated in the currently valid examination regulations.

  • The Study Composition describes the degree program under content-related aspects: which contents belong to your degree program with which proportion (i.e. in which study areas with which modules is the degree program divided)?
  • The Recommended Order of Study, on the other hand, describes the course of studies on the basis of the chronological sequence: when should the contents, some of which build on each other, be completed (i.e. for which semester are the various modules recommended)?
  • The Modules & Courses will provide you with the competencies that characterize the profile of the Marburg Masters in Data Science.
  • The degree program is optionally supplemented by an Application Area in which essential fundamentals of another scientific discipline are taught.
  • A (voluntary) Study Abroad program imparts not only professional but also social and communicative skills, which are becoming increasingly important for professional careers.
  • The Examination Regulations contain all important formal regulations for a degree program.