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Electrokinetic Micro- and Nanofluidics

The complex interplay of electrophoretic, electroosmotic, bulk convective, and diffusive mass/charge transport coupled with (electro-)chemical reactions offers unique opportunities in the design of multifunctional devices for enrichment, detection, and separation of ions and charged analytes. To tailor design and operation of microfluidic electrokinetic devices we have developed an efficient numerical model based on the resolution of the 3D coupled Navier–Stokes, Nernst–Planck, and Poisson equations on spatially non-uniform grids. It allows to simulate mass/charge transport coupled with surface and volume reactions in 3D systems of arbitrary geometrical configuration. Specifically, the developed model was used to reveal, understand, and characterize key phenomena behind concentration enrichment during bipolar electrode focusing, ionic-current rectification in nanochannel–nanofunnel devices, and electrochemically-mediated seawater desalination.

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