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Interested in B.Sc. Biology?...

Then you surely have lots of questions. The following list provides an overview over some important topics and contact persons. If you have any questions concerning the B.Sc. Biology program please contact one of the persons mentioned on the page "Advising & Service".

First: We are very pleased that you are interested in the University of Marburg and especially in the B.Sc. Biology. 

Major topics

You can set your own personalised major topics during your program by selecting subject and supplementary modules. In doing so, it is possible to either combine modules from various subject areas or to concentrate on one of the three major research topics represented in the department: "Molecules and Cells," "Development and Function" and "Biodiversity and Conservation". This enables you to individually design your program. The profile modules are an interesting supplement which enable you to integrate offerings from other subjects into your program.


The Biology bachelor's program imparts well-founded, fundamental knowledge in biology, which is selectively enriched and supplemented by scientific secondary subjects and the acquisition of professionally relevant additional competencies. Successful graduates are thereby qualified for professional fields related to biology in medical and biological research (clinics, industry) and for work in administrative offices or other institutions.


Once admitted to a full degree program or student exchange program there are no tuition fees beyond the semester fee, which includes a free ticket for public transport in the state of Hesse. 


The language of instruction is German for all courses except some Master's level courses taught in English. In particular, all students applying for full degree Bachelor's or Master's programs have to prove proficiency in German through a standardized test before being fully admitted. For incoming exchange students in Bachelor's or Master's programs we recommend German level B1

 The application procedure and admission criteria vary. Please follow the respective link.

For more information please contact the departmental coordinator for international students and studies: Dr. Astrid Brandis-Heep.

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