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General Course Information

After the positive experience with digital teaching formats in the previous semesters, we will again offer most of our courses as online courses in this winter semester. In addition, a few courses with elements of face-to-face teaching will be offered. For more information see the course descriptions in the various language sections.  

Measures to prevent infections with the Covid virus (SARS-CoV-2) in classes with face-to-face teaching

The Language Center has worked out a set of measures to be observed with regard to the Covid pandemic in cooperation with the Department for Safety of Philipps-Universität. All teachers and course participants will be notified in writing before the start of the classes. At the beginning of November, this letter will be available here for download. In the meantime, in order to avoid multiple messages and ensure up to date information, please check the corresponding website of Philipps-Universität.

Start and duration of classes

In the winter semester 2021/2022, classes will generally start from 25 October 2021 and carry on until 18 February 2022. At the end of the year, there will be a break from 18 December 2021 till 7 January 2022.

The specific times for each class is stated in the course descriptions. You can see a list of all sessions of your class and the corresponding locations by clicking on the box with the course dates underneath the course description.

Please note that the course times refer to the precise time (i.e. no "academic quarter")!

Advance registration for follow-up participation

If you finished a course in the previous round of classes, you are considered a follow-up participant and can complete advance registration if you obtained a grade of 8 points or better in all languages except English. A password is usually sent out via email at the end of March for the summer semester courses or at the end of September for the winter semester courses (for winter semester 2020/21 on 9th October). If you took an English course in the previous round of classes and would like to register early for a follow-up level, please contact the head of the English department to make your advanced registration in person.

Certification / Credits

If you successfully complete the course, you will receive a certificate including an overview of acquired competences at the end of the semester. These certificates indicate the number of credits and the grade you obtained. Upon request, certificates can be handed out with a generic "pass" grade.

In order to complete a course successfully, you need to attend regularly. In a weekly face-to-face class, no more than two sessions may be missed (in the case of classes with two sessions per week a total of four sessions). Exceptions can be made in individual cases and depend on the individual situation, provided that no more than 25% of the classes have been missed.
This regulation applies correspondingly to the video conferences in the online-classes.

For successful completion of a course, you are expected to work about the same number of hours outside class as the hours spent in class.

Course materials

The material to be used in class will, in part, be supplied by the Language Center. In the event that certain teaching materials (e.g. textbooks) need to be purchased, this will be mentioned in the course description.

For the online-classes in particular, you will need access to the university's learning platform ILIAS. When taking part in a video conference, a device with a moderately large screen is recommended.

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants for each class is 10. The maximum number may vary from case to case but will not exceed 20.

Course fees

The fee for your specific course is indicated in the course descriptions under "Preis". It includes costs for the course materials that will be supplied. The lower amount mentioned under "Kursgebühr" is to be paid by members of Philipps-Universität and students of JLU Gießen. The higher fees are to be paid by external participants who can register for courses when there are vacancies (cf. Terms and Conditions §2)

The payment of the course fee is carried out by way of SEPA direct debit.


For classes with face-to-face teaching, the location of each class is indicated in the course description (see "Course Program" of the language in question). Most classes take place in rooms that are fitted with multi-media facilities. The precise location of all classes can be found on a map by clicking on the corresponding box underneath the course description.

Abbreviations used on our web site

  • CNMS: Centrum für Nah- und Mitteloststudien, Deutschhausstraße 12 (next to Elisabethkirche)
  • ECTS: European Credit Transfer System (Credit system for the international accreditation of studies; 1 ECTS-credit corresponds to 30 working hours of 45 minutes)
  • HG: Hörsaalgebäude = lecture hall building, Biegenstraße 14
  • PhilFak: Philosophische Fakultät (Arts Faculty building), Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 6
  • SR: Seminarraum = classroom (until recently, classrooms in the Language Center were called  Medienräume/ MR)
  • SLZ: Selbstlernzentrum = Self Study Center
  • SWS: Semesterwochenstunden = teaching hours per week and semester
  • SZ: Sprachenzentrum = Language Center
  • 99090 50401 (ex.): The course numbers of the Language Center are made up as follows:
    99 = Language Center / 090 = subject code für Modern Languages / 5 = current semester / 04 = corresponds with the letter of the alphabet that the language begins with (04 = D = Deutsch, 05 = E = English etc.) / 01 = course number in rising order.