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Whom to contact?

The Tandem Team is eager to help you out with advice on your language tandem so that you will have a positive and fun learning experience.

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to our extensive commented list to selected language-learning websites. Here you can access our link list digitally and from any location in order to deepen your foreign language skills in numerous languages!


Please note: Until further notice, you will need to make an appointment if you wish to see us.

For further information and in order to answer your questions, please contact us .

Bianca Geisler

Student assistant, tandem setups, administration of tandem partnerships, Tapas

If you have questions on tandem setups, ongoing tandem arrangements, or problems with the platform, Ms Geisler is typically your first point of contact.

Room: Biegenstraße 12, room 00 015 (SLZ)
Hours: in the semester Mon, 3-5pm - in the semester break by arrangement


Ariane Wenz

Teacher, consulation on questions about obtaining ECTS points

Room: Biegenstraße 12, room 00 030
Hours: Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.