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Terms of Use

The Self-Study Center is open to all members of Philipps-Universität Marburg free of charge. A user ID is required, which is provided to users after participating in an introductory session. In order to use the computers, an account from the university computer center (either staff or students) is required.

Please, bring your own headset with you!

Rules of conduct – Coronavirus-SARS-Cov2

The Self-Study Center is OPEN.
The following rules of conduct apply:

  •         No “3G” certificate is required by entering the Self-Study Centre
  •         Present a “3G” certificate by entering the Self-Study Centre
  •         Refrain from shaking hands, hugging or kissing
  •         Wash hands with soap (minimum duration: 20 seconds) before and after using a PC
  •         Bring your headsets
  •         Sneeze and cough into the inside of your elbow
  •         Keep distance upon entering the building when entering/leaving the building and  in the stair halls

!!! Do you feel sick? Then please do NOT work in the Self-Study Center !!!