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Terms of Use

The Self-Study Center is open to all members of Philipps-Universität Marburg free of charge.

PC self-study area 

If you would like to use our multi-media PC self-study area, please participate in an introductory session first. There, you will be provided with a mandatory user ID card. Please always hand it to the working staff when you come in. In order to use the computers, an account from the University Computer Center (either staff or students) is required.
If preferred, you can bring your own headset (cable connection only!) and we will provide you with a matching adapter. 


If you would like to use our SprachLounge, you can do so without attending an introductory session first. Here, you can work on your language goals individually or together with other visitors, use the materials available there (DVDs, CDs, textbooks, magazines, international press etc.) or participate in an interactive language event (by prior registration, but you are welcome to visit spontaneously as well).
The area is equipped with two separate group working spaces – a sofa seating area and an adjustable seating area – which invite you to work individually and collaboratively (with flipcharts, pinboards, whiteboard, etc.), as well as with your mobile devices. Of course, all the materials available in the self-study center are also available to you in this area.

The center is OPEN to the public during the opening hours. 

We kindly ask you not to consume food or drinks in the entire area.

!!! Do you feel ill? Then please do NOT work in the Self-Study Center !!!