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Obtaining ECTS Points at the Self Study Center

Students of modularized courses of study have an opportunity to earn a credit point learning ON SITE at the PC self-study area with the help of self-study materials as well as in the SprachLounge. This is possible for the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. 

You will get access to all learning materials available for your chosen language in the PC self-study area (only after taking part in an obligatory introductory session) and all interactive events in the SprachLounge. All tasks completed and language application events attended as well as the duration of learning are recorded in a learning plan.  

After 30 X 45 minutes (22.5 clock hours) of work in the PC self-study area and/or in the SprachLounge, you will receive a certificate stating that a workload equivalent to 1 ECTS point was completed. This certificate is not graded. The workload must be completed within one semester including one semester break before or after. (Please note that the Self Study Center is closed in August).

PC self-study area: You can either take part in a face-to-face  introductory session or contact us via to get instructions on how to take part in a virtual introductory event. After the introductory session, you will receive a guideline as well as an exercise list to record all completed tasks as well as the time you have spent on them in the self-study center after you have registered for ECTS points with the staff.

SprachLounge: If you would like to obtain ECTS points by participating in interactive language events, please register online beforehand. Please also register with the staff right before the event starts and record the event in your exercise list.

Whether the ECTS point is recognised for a particular module of your degree program is determined by the specific department.

Please note: Through a learning arrangement in a tandem (starting from A2 level), you can obtain up to 2 ECTS points.