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Working Group 16 Gender – A Promising and Ominous Category (2009–2013)

In this Working Group, which had been founded in August 2009, doctoral candidates whose dissertation had gender as its starting point or whose dissertation was somehow related to gender worked together. Primarily, they were focused on:

  • Reciprocal presentation of the dissertational concept outline.
  • Discussion of portions of the dissertation or of articles by individual members.
  • Provide and receive feedback.
  • Working together on gender-theoretical texts.
  • Discussion of empirical material (data, interviews, sources, etc.).
  • Making one's own gender-theoretical background more precise.

The group was interdisciplinary and met for one day every four to six weeks. Times and dates for meetings were decided on as a group among the members.

Former Members

  • Tanja Brinkmann.
  • Ramona Kahl.
  • Christine Marburger.
  • Katharina Schulze.
  • Christine Bär.