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Working Group 19 Historical-Geographical Network (2008–2013)

A Working Group was founded at the Graduate Center for Humanities and Social Sciences in 2009 in cooperation with the Historical-Geographical Network. The interdisciplinary linking of geography and history was the focus of this network, which has been existed since 2008. Firstly, communication and collaboration was to be further developed between geographers, historians, and, in some instances, individuals from other disciplines; secondly, events such as excursions, workshops, conferences, etc. with historical-geographical and environmental-historical themes were organized. An overview of the events organized by the "Historical-Geographical Network" can be viewed on the website of the Network. Additionally, the anthology "City, Country, River" (Stadt, Land, Fluss) was successfully published for the workshop bearing the same name.

The Network was especially intended for doctoral candidates, students and junior scholars of all academic disciplines who were interested in any type of historical-geographical and environmental-historical topics and issues. In some instances, it was possible to cooperate with instructors. Appropriate topics were, for example, perception of nature, natural events, (cultural) landscapes, settlements and cities, migratory movements and journeys, country descriptions and travelogues, maps, etc. from a historical perspective.

Further information is available on the Network's website.