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Application Process

1. Preparation phase

  1. Learn about program offerings and decide what you would like to study.
  2. Examine whether you meet the admission requirements for your program
  3. You can apply online by uploading your original documents and their sworn translations. You can let them translate either into German or English. There are additional provisions for some countries.
  4. Learn whether you need a visa, which documents you must submit to the embassy and how long it takes until you get an appointment there.

2. The application for a first semester

  1. On our homepage, choose the program for which you would like to apply. At the bottom of the website, you are forwarded to the applicant portal my-assist.
  2. Register at uni-assist and create an application for the Philipps-University Marburg.
  3. Open your selection list, answer all the mandatory questions and upload all application documents at uni-assist before the application deadline expires. We recommend applying six weeks before the deadline period ends.
  4. Pay any processing fee that is due and upload the proof of payment to your online-application.

3. After submitting the application

  1. You will receive a message by email as to whether your application was complete. If documentation is missing, you can upload it after the fact, before the application deadline. If your application is complete and your certificate entitles you for the desired program, then uni-assist will forward your documents to Uni Marburg electronically.
  2. The Philipps University Marburg carries out the respective admissions process.
  3. If you are granted a university place, you will receive a letter of acceptance by postal mail. In addition, your account information for our Marvin portal will also be sent to you by email.
  4. No later than now, you should take care of applying for a visa.
  5. Begin looking for housing.
  6. The letter of acceptance will describe the documents you must send to us for registration. You can send these either from abroad or once you are in Germany. It is important that you comply with the deadline. Please beware, that now is the time to send the certified copies of your documents and its translations when necessary as mentioned in point 1.3.

4. Once you have arrived in Germany

  1. Sign a lease agreement, open a bank account, obtain health insurance, register your place of address, apply for permit of residence from the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners' Office). If you don't wish to do that by yourself, participate in the International Office's orientation week.
  2. You may have to participate in the DSH (German examination) shortly before the start of the semester in order to pass DSH-2 or you can enroll as a DSH-student for up to 2 semesters before starting your studies.
  3. If you are not yet enrolled, take care of that now.
  4. Participate in your program's orientation week.
  5. Now the studying begins!