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Leisure activities in Marburg and at the university

Blick auf das Marburger Wehr mit Menschen, die im Wasser waten.
Foto: Anselm Wagner

Beyond reading, studying, writing assignments, and exams, your life as a student also includes: Leisure, culture, parties, sports and meeting new people! Here you will find a carefully curated selection of opportunities to pursue your hobbies or get involved in voluntary work.

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University sports

The Center for University Sports (Zentrum für Hochschulsport or ZfH) offers a diverse range sports and exercise programs and is responsible for maintaining and administering the sports facilities at Philipps-Universität Marburg. The course selection ranges from “Aikido” to “Zumba”: Martial arts, dance, team and ball sports, aquatics, aerobics, mountain biking and hiking excursions as well as ski trips and paragliding are all available.

The selection is wide, and course enrollment is in high demand. This is why we say: Act fast when online registration opens for these courses during the first week of the semester! In addition to the sports courses, students can still use the university’s sports facilities even if they are not taking a sports course.

Studierende in Sportkleidung beim Dehnen in der Turnhalle.
Foto: Felix Wesch

Sports opportunities outside the university (selection)


Not just listening to music but also making music: Notices on the notice boards are always looking for musicians for orchestras, band projects, jam sessions or as a member of one of the student church choirs. Anyone who cannot or does not wish to take part is still welcome to attend concerts and performances.

Ein Mann mit Sonnenbrille und Saxophon vor blauem Hintergrund.
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Practice rooms in the Music House (Musizierhaus)

Don’t have the opportunity to make music at home? Then you can register to use the Music House in the Old Botanical Garden during the semester. A small fee must be paid to use it. You can book appointments via the Musicology office.

Art, culture and cinema

Marburg offers a wide range of cultural activities, such as theater performances, cabaret evenings, readings, museums, exhibitions or musical performances and concerts.

Bild einer indigenen Frau mit Menschen im Hintergrund, die es betrachten.
Foto: Felix Wesch

Museums and exhibitions

Theater, concerts, poetry slam

Cinema and film

University communities