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Documents to be submitted upon recruitment by lecturers, deputy professors and civil servants:

HR Department contact person:
Areas II B 2

When applying, please submit:

  • Application letter
  • Resume
  • Exam certificates (university eligibility certificate, any exams, university diploma, doctorate, postdoctoral lecturing qualification, etc.) and/or documents supporting your fulfillment of any job requirements (link)
  • All exam/employment certificates and the documents needed for the job profile you are applying for, if any

When your application is successful, please submit (upon request):

When appointed, please submit (in case of tenured civil service positions, certificates must be provided before appointment!):

  • Official Certificate of Good Conduct (please apply to your local population register, document type O; the current fee of €13 will not be refunded)
  • Health certificate (permanent civil servants and those on probation require a certificate from a medical officer; appointments only through the HR Department. In all other cases, a health exam at the occupational health service is sufficient; appointments through the department or institution.)