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Educational offerings for prevention and awareness

The Office for Anti-discrimination and Diversity develops and conducts various educational offerings for all members and affiliates of Philipps-Universität Marburg. The goal of these offerings is to raise awareness, contributing to improved protection from discrimination.
The educational offerings of the office for Anti-discrimination and Diversity are generally free and held in a confidential setting.

  • Formats

    The format of an event depends on the needs of the target group and the exact goal for the content. From short input to workshops lasting several days, different time formats are conceivable. The following event formats, among others, are possible:

    - Short input sessions
    - Lectures
    - Workshops
    - Future workshops
    - Open space events

  • Content

    The content of events is always discussed individually with the commissioning office or group. The following topics are examples of what can currently be covered:

    - Empowerment for people who have experienced discrimination
    - Dealing with heterogeneous groups
    - Discrimination-aware language
    - Discrimination-aware event planning
    - Initial counseling for people who have experienced discrimination
    - Discrimination-aware counseling and consulting
    - Awareness concepts

    Additional topics and content can be requested from The Office for Anti-discrimination and Diversity.