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Welcome to the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Politics!

The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Politics at CNMS is one of the few departments of political science in Germany focussing explicitly on the studies of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The aim is to apply methods and approaches of political analysis to the region, making allowance for the regional context and its characteristics.

At the CNMS, Near and Middle Eastern Politics is affiliated to the Institute for Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy. The subject of Near and Middle Eastern Politics can be chosen as an interdisciplinary part of the BA Oriental Studies.

After graduation, students can continue their studies with the MA International Development Studies, the MA Peace and Conflict Studies, or our own MA program Politics and Economics of the Middle East which will start in fall 2011/12.

Furthermore, within the CMNS there is a close cooperation with the other departments such as Arabic Studies, Iranian Studies and Islamic Studies. Since we consider it to be important to cover both fields of Oriental and Political studies, the acquisition of language, be it Arabic or Persian (or voluntarily Turkish), will be obligatory to all students of this subject.

Looking forward to all students interested in Near and Middle Eastern politics!

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