19.10.2021 DAHJ Editions

The new publication series distributes a wide ranging content of research projects, conferences, workshops, and other programs from scholars and artists within the field of digital art history.

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Read the first DAHJ Edition, "'The Digital Image' – a Transdisciplinary Research Cluster", edited by Hubertus Kohle and Hubert Locher.

The Priority Program "The Digital Image," funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), combines projects from a multiperspectival point of view and addresses the central role that the image plays in the process of the digitization of knowledge in theory and practice.

The research cluster consists of 12 projects from various disciplines, including computer science, archaeology, European and Asian art history, media studies and ethnology. By placing the subject matter within a broader methodological and cultural horizon, the cluster aims to bridge possible gaps between different cultures.

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