Caucasus Conflict Culture 10 - Poetics and Politics

Photo: Colourbox.de/Roxana

Art and conflict are deeply interconnected: Art can be used to process traumatic experiences individually and perform them publicly at the same time. Art can be a public commentary of conflict. Art can be used by political actors to further their goals.
After two years in which CCC could not take place due to the pandemic and the Nagorno-Karabakh war, there is a new start this year. Students from the South Caucasus and Marburg are working in multinational teams in the Georgian capital Tbilisi on the theme of conflict and art.

The approach of the project is that the participants observe or trace the creation of art in urban space in Tbilisi, but also investigate the reception of art on the spot. The student groups work on street art, painting (“classic” art), musical traditions or dance performances. At the end, the groups present their findings not in mere presentations but each group organises for the all participants a guided tour of the city in their research area to present their results.

Tbilisi (Georgia) 29.08.-04.09.2022
Funding: DAAD, funding initiatvie “Ost-West-Dialog“
Coordination: Dr. Stéphane Voell, Prof. Dr. Ernst Halbmayer