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Information on the preparation of a Bachelor's thesis

We are delighted that you would like to write your bachelor thesis at the Research Group of Technology and Innovation Management. On this page you will find all important information regarding your bachelor thesis.

Basic requirements

There are many things to consider when writing your bachelor thesis. You will find information on the elements of a bachelor thesis as well as on the content and formal requirements that you should consider in our guidelines for a bachelor thesis and in our formal criteria guidelines.


Prerequisite for the acceptance of your bachelor thesis is the successful participation in the advanced course "Technology and Innovation Management" or "Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship", which are both held in the summer semester. Alternatively, students can participate in a project phase (18 ECTS) in cooperation with the working group. We recommend basic knowledge in the field of scientific work as well as an attentive reading of our guidelines.

Important: In addition, please consider the requirements of the examination regulations of your respective degree program with regard to the credit points achieved and the compulsory amount of completed modules required for admission to the final thesis!

Application procedure

The application form for final theses can be found here.

An exposé (see below) and a copy of your current transcript of records must accompany the application. Applications will not be considered without these documents. The number of accepted applications depends on the capacity of the research group. After the confirmation of supervision has been granted (download and complete the application for admission to final theses on the examination office´s website), the final thesis can be registered on the agreed upon date.

Please send your application in due time by e-mail to .

Requirements for the exposé

Please attach a short Exposé (1-2 pages) to your application, from which the following points should emerge centrally:

  1. Topic definition as well as (empirical) relevance of the question within the subject area
  2. Concretization of the research question(s) (formulated as question(s) or thesis(es))
  3. Planned content-related and methodological approach (Which theory(s) do you want to draw on? Which data do you want to use? Which interlocutors/companies do you want to involve? If applicable, first considerations on the research or study design)

Important: The exposé should show that you have already (scientifically) dealt with the chosen topic. The principles of scientific work must be considered during the preparation of the exposé. In particular, this implies that concepts, phrases, or ideas taken from other sources (e.g. the existing literature) must be labelled with appropriate citations and referenced correctly. Please also refer to Section 9. “Citation technique” of the guidelines for the formal design of scientific papers.

The exposé serves as a basis for further topic consultation. A promise of supervision does not mean that the final research question will be similar to the one drafted in the exposé. The final determination of the research question and procedure takes place after the confirmation of supervision has been given by the supervisor.

Submission of the Bachelor thesis

Two copies of your Bachelor thesis must be submitted to the Examination Office in time and in accordance with the requirements of the examination regulations applicable to you. In addition, a digital version as a Word and/or PDF document must be sent to your supervisor.