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Does the Business Mathematics Degree Fit Me and My Expectations?

Prior Knowledge

For a successful master's study in Business Mathematics, you should have a sound knowledge of the contents taught in the bachelor's degree program in Business Mathematics. Please note that Business Mathematics isn't 'just the light version of mathematics'.

In addition one should have a sound basic knowledge in economic sciences, as well as programming languages like Java, C, Matlab or R.

For writing papers and project work, knowledge of the text typesetting program LaTeX is an advantage.

Traits and Interests

Since the study of business mathematics deals with interdisciplinary issues from the fields of mathematics and economics, you should in general be interested in both disciplines.

However, the focus of the degree program is clearly on mathematics. It's especially about applying mathematical methods to practical examples (e.g. from the financial sector or the insurance industry). The treatment of realistic problems requires complex solution methods that can only be implemented sensibly with the help of computers. Therefore, you should be familiar with computers and programming languages.

You should have the following qualities in order to successfully complete your Master's degree in Business Mathematics:

  • Logical thinking and abstraction skills
  • The ability to link mathematical and economic lines of argumentation
  • Self-Organization, Ambition and High Frustration Tolerance
  • A certain amount of imagination and curiosity
  • Ability to work in a team