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...Therefore Study 'Business Mathematics'!

Deepen Your Expertise

In the Master's program in Mathematics, you can expand and deepen the specialist skills you acquired in your Bachelor's program. You will complete various advanced and specialization modules in the areas of mathematics, economic sciences and computer science, which you can put together individually according to your interests and inclinations and the respective range of courses. Current research literature is studied and, as part of the master's thesis, a problem from business mathematics is scientifically processed and presented.

You will find any restrictions on enrollment under Study Composition.

Areas of Specialisation

Specializations are particularly possible in the following areas:

Applied Mathematics

  • Numerics and optimization
  • Stochastics and Statistics
  • Financial and insurance-mathematics

Economic Sciences

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Innovation and Information Management
  • Market-oriented Management
  • Economics

If the modules you choose have connections in terms of content, you will be able to better and more quickly recognize the connections within mathematics. For this purpose, the lecturers of mathematics have created combination recommendations that can provide assistance in the selection of modules. The combination recommendations become clear via the recommended prior knowledge of the advanced modules and especially of the specialization modules; the 'Vorleistungsbrowser' is a graphical tool that shows combination possibilities depending on your individually completed modules so far.