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Recognizing Modules from Previous Academic Achievements (BSc/MSc)

Anyone wishing to have modules from another university, from a semester abroad or from additional modules of the Bachelor’s program that can be credited to the Master’s program recognized must submit an application for the recognition of academic achievements.

Application for the Recognition of Academic Achievements

This application form must be accompanied by all relevant certificates or a transcript stamped by the relevant university. When moving from another university, proof of the workload (SWS) of a module may be required in the form of module descriptions.

Recognition of Previous Vocational Training

Please contact us to make an appointment.

Recognition of Achievements in Studies of Teaching at Secondary Schools

While studying teaching at secondary schools, previous academic achievements may only be legally recognised for the state examination by the Hessian Teachers’ Academy (Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie, HLA).

Further information and the current opening hours can be found on the homepage of the Hessian Teachers’ Academy, Marburg Examination Body.

Therefore, only the Hessian Teachers’ Academy can offer placement into a higher semester. If you are seeking recognition of a previous program of study, please contact the HLA and arrange an appointment for a consultation.