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Dates & Deadlines

In accordance with the provisions in the "General Regulations", an explicit registration is required to take part in examinations. This has to be done by online registration via QIS. On the QIS page, you can independently register and, if necessary, deregister in a specific time window. You reach the page e.g. via the direct links in 'PORTALE'.
Please note that in particular for students from WS 2018/19, registration for the course requirements is also required for some modules!

For examination and registration dates for modules of other departments, please refer to the websites of the respective department. Please note further that for import modules only the regulations of the offering department apply!

Winter semester 2019/20

The registration deadlines for course requirements and examinations for the winter semester 2019/20 have already started!

Checklist for a successful exam registration:

  • Pick up your TAN list, a list of "transaction numbers" similar to online banking.
    These are available at the Examination Office of the Department of Physics upon presentation of your study and photo ID / residence permit.
    Important also: For all departments only one list is active at a time, so you can also use these numbers for applications at other departments.
  • Registration or, if applicable, deregistration for course requirement/s and examination/s via the QIS portal.
    ATTENTION! After expiry of the deadlines, you can no longer register or deregister for course requirements and examinations!
    If you participate in examinations unannounced, the services and results provided may not be evaluated. If you do not take part in the exam despite your report, this will be considered as a failure, unless there are valid reasons for your non-attendance. (e.g. illness) You have to inform the exam office immediately about this.
  • Check the registration or deregistration via QIS
    It is recommended that you recheck the exam registration/deregistration, because what is in the system on the exam day is valid!

What to do if it does not work?

For content or technical problems, please send an email with your name, matriculation number, study program and a screenshot of the error message to the person in charge at the examination office.
If your email arrives within the registration and deregistration deadline set for this exam, it will be processed accordingly.

Online instructions of FB 06 (YouTube)