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Notifications of Illness During Exams

Special Regulations during COVID-19 see here

If you are ill on an exam date, the following regulation applies to a proper withdrawal from the exam:

For an effective withdrawal from the examination, the certificate, which must contain the reason for illness, must be submitted to the examination office (Renthof 6, room 00012) within three working days after the sick report. It will be recorded there. The lecturers do not accept medical certificates.
The chairperson of the examination board checks the certificate and accepts or rejects it. In the event of rejection, the candidate will receive a written notification. The receipt of the sick note and the decision will be communicated to the lecturer without naming the reasons for the illness.

In the case of recurring sick leave, the examination office can request the submission of a official medical certificate by the Gesundheitsamt Marburg.

Of course, all cases in which a candidate withdraws in good time before the examination remain unaffected by this measure.
To clarify the legal situation, the following information from the legal department of the university:

If a student declares that they are unable to take the examination due to illness and would like to withdraw from the examination retrospectively and effectively, they must notify the Examination Board immediately of the reasons for their withdrawal and provide credible evidence. In the ruling, the Federal Administrative Court has set strict standards regarding the immediacy of the withdrawal. This is because retrospective withdrawal based on the inability to participate in an examination particularly affects the principle of equal opportunity, which dominates all examination law. Immediately means without culpable hesitation. The student must be allowed a minimum period of reflection, but this shall be considerably exceeded if a medical certificate is not presented the following day at the latest.

Moreover, the medical certificate that is submitted must have a sufficient level of validity. The Examination Board is not obligated to be satisfied with the mere statement that the student was unable to work or participate in the examination. I would like to quote from the ruling by VG Geißen: “The purpose of the medical certificate is to provide the examination authorities with the necessary information to make their decision. For this purpose, it should provide the full medical history of the patient, a precise indication of the examination methods used, the examination results obtained and the conclusions from the patient’s medical history and examination results in a comprehensible manner.”