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Information about changes and adjustments due to CORONA

When you contact the Examination Office by , we recommed, that you do so by your students or faculty email-account (if you have one). For special things this is obligatoy - see below.

Your email request should always contain

  • your full name as registered at the university,
  • your matriculation number and
  • your program including the PO-number

all this you find on your students card (Semesterausweis).

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Opening HoursOpening Hours

    The examination office remains closed for students for the time being.

    For special occasions it may be possible to get an appointment.
    For all other questions, please contact us with your request by phone or

    We are currently receiving a very large number of emails. These will be processed as soon as possible.
    Please refrain from reminders

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen TAN-Lists for new studentsTAN-Lists for new students

    New TAN lists for exam registratin (MARVIN - starting summer 2021) will be provided from the university-administration.
    The HRZ will send the TAN-List for new students during the downtime in May 2021.

    All TAN list which we have provided earlier for QIS will still be valid in MARVIN! So do not throw them away after the exam registration changes to MARVIN.
    Students who already had a TAN list but need a replacement must address their inquiries to the HRZ.
    Further information and the link to apply for a new list can be found on the HRZ website (only German).

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Transcript of records or other attestationsTranscript of records or other attestations

    Transcripts can currently only be created with the status April 30, 2021. It is not possible to book missing modules or to correct entries during the downtime!

    Please ask for this by from your students or faculty email-account stating your matriculation no. and the study program incl. PO (to find on your student ID). The transcript or other attestation will then be sent to you by post by registered mail to the postal address which is noted in the system.

    Please note that the postman has to recognize that you can be found at the address! (Name on postbox)

    If you specify a working group, the document could also be send by internal mail (Hauspost) with a confidentiality notice on the envelope.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Registration of Bachelor / Master thesesRegistration of Bachelor / Master theses

    In order to be able to register for your bachelor or master thesis, you first need the validation from the Physics Examination Office.
    You can apply for this using the relevant form at the Examination Office.
    This form is then also used by the examiner to register the thesis.

    FIRST STEP - Application for admission (currently possible by e-mail)
    Please fill out the first section of the form (student), sign it and send it to the examination office from your student email account in PDF (preferred) or JPEG.
    You will then receive confirmation of admission (Section 2 - Examination Office) also by email.

    SECOND STEP - Registration of thesis with topic and start date (in original by in-house mail)
    For the last section, the registration of the thesis, please go to your first examiner and have your topic and the start date filled in (please do not backdate by more than 7 days !!!) and get it signed.

    Please send this fully completed form, with the last section (examiner) in the original, to the physics examination office by in-house mail (Hauspost) or put it in the mailbox next to our office door in Renthof 6.

    You will then receive a confirmation including your submission deadline by email and the module 'thesis' or 'master's thesis' is booked as registered.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Submission of Bachelor- / Master thesesSubmission of Bachelor- / Master theses

    Submitting by post
    Please submit your written master's thesis (three copies and the CD) by post. We recommed sending it with registered letter (Einschreiben).
    All copies must contain the signed declaration of the independent constitution with your signature in original.

    Normal letter:
    The date we receipt the thesis is the date of submission.

    Letter with registered mail: 
    The date of posting the letter/shipment is the date of submission
    Keep the recipt for prof!
    If you submitted your master's thesis on the last day of your deadline, please send us the tracking number within the deadline. 

    Submitting by email
    A submission in electronic form is permitted until the end of the summer semester 2021.

    Please submit your thesis from your students-mail-account or faculty mail account as a PDF to the .
    This must contain the electronically signed (scan signature) declaration of the independent constitution.

    One printed copy have to be submitted later, the content must not deviate from the previously submitted electronic version! But it must contain the signed declaration of the independent constitution with your signature in original!
    This copy you may send by internal mail (Hauspost) or put it in the mailbox besides our office door in Renthof 6.

    Submitting the thesis in the mailbox next to our office door is not considered to have been received in due time.
    If you put the thesis on the last day of your deadline after office hours or on a home office day in the postbox, the submission will not be counted until the following work or office day and would therefore be considered late! In this case, please use (additionally) the option of electronic submission. The date of the e-mail is count to be the submitting date, provided the thesis attachment is complete (see above).

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Presentations of Bachelor- / Master thesesPresentations of Bachelor- / Master theses

    In Presence
    Presentations are considered an oral exam and can take place in presence. Please speak to your examiner.
    However, participation is limited to the candidate and the examiners. Audience are currently not permitted.

    Video conference
    Until the end of the summer semester 2021 it is also allowed to give the presentation as a video conference.
    Again, only the two examiners and the examinee are allowed. Recording is not permitted.
    At the beginning, the examinee has to assure that he is alone in the room and, if requested by the examiners, to prove this by turning the camera.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Receipt of your final documentsReceipt of your final documents

    After completion and receipt of both reports from the examiners and the presentation protocol your final documents will be prepared and sent to you at the address stored in the system by post with a registered letter. (But only if we have received at least one printed copy of the thesis!)

    Please be aware that at the moment it is difficult to get the signature for the certificates, as many people are working at home. This process may take two to three weeks or more from the date when all grades been stated to the Examination Office!

    Please note that, if the documents are send by post the postman has to recognize that you can be found at the address! (Name on postbox)

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Exam registrations for the summer semester 2021Exam registrations for the summer semester 2021-> The online registrations for module exams will start after the downtime via MARVIN!!

    Exam registrations for the module exams will start after the downtime, presumably from June 14, 2021.
    The exam registration will then take place via MARVIN! TAN lists from QIS remain valid!

    You can de-register from the exams via MARVIN up to the withdrawal period. If it is not possible to de-register there, please send us an email from your student-email-account by this deadline. This should include your name, study program including PO, your matriculation number and of course for which module examination (including course name, if required) you would like to de-register.

    For the module Fundamentals of Functional Materials, it is sufficient to write only ‘Fundamentals of Functional Materials’, since the module and course name (LV) are identical.
    But when it is about the elective module B7 (B8) Solid State Spectroscopy 1 (or 2) you should also specify the course/LV (e.g. Fundamentals of Seminconductor Physics).

    For more information on registration and cancellation of exams, please see the Dates & Deadlines page.