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Registering for Module Examinations via MARVIN

In accordance with the provisions in the "General Regulations", an explicit registration is required to take part in examinations. This has to be done by online registration via MARVIN. On the MARVIN page, you can independently register and, if necessary, deregister in a specific time window with your student account (username and password). You reach the page e.g. via the direct links in 'PORTALE'.

Please note that in particular for students who startet in WS 2018/19 or later, registration for the course requirements is also required for some modules!

Exam registration starts with the lecture time and must be completed by the end of Mai (SS)/November (WS) at the latest. There could be later deadlines for a withdrawal of the registration.
Please have a look at Dates and Deadlines  There you will also find informations about receiving a TAN-List, which you need for registration.

For examination and registration dates for modules of other departments, please refer to the websites of the respective department. Please note further that for import modules only the regulations of the offering department apply!