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  • Foto: Manuela Windholz


The BrainImaging Core Facility provides technical expertise and administrative support to scientists at the University of Marburg and its collaboration partners to plan and perform neuroscience MR imaging studies in humans. For this purpose, the Core-Facility provides modern imaging equipment, a suitable technical infrastructure and personnel to set up and measure the experiments.

The laboratory is equipped with a 3T MRI (Siemens Tim Trio), an MR-compatible EEG system and various eye-tracking systems. Furthermore, the technical infrastructure is available to perform visual and auditory stimulations in neuroscience studies and to record responses.



  • 3 Tesla MRT, Siemens Tim Trio (incl. Stimulation equipment for neuroscience experiments)


  • Support in the planning of studies
  • Assistance in setting up experiments
  • Regular training of scientists (safety briefings, "MRI driver's licenses", etc)
  • Offering courses on MRI data analysis, experiment programming, etc.
  • Support in the interpretation of results
  • Measurement of experiments
  • Offer of IT infrastructure for data analysis
  • Storage of data
  • Offer of regular colloquia
  • Administrative support (support of ethics applications, etc)

How to reach us

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen
           Email:Andreas.Jansen ~at

  • Dr. Jens Sommer
          Email: sommerj ~at