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  • Jason Goodman

Neurocognitive and Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Neuropsychotherapy and Social Work

Our research focuses on identifying cognitive, emotional, and social factors involved in the formation and maintenance of mental disorders. We aim to determine how these factors interact in daily life and whether improved coping could reduce symptoms and distress in persons with mental disorders.

In addition, we develop CBT interventions for persons with mental disorders to reduce the impact of distress on their daily life and to improve their symptoms.

Our lab investigates the efficacy and effectiveness of these interventions in controlled pilot studies, randomized-controlled trials and meta-analyses.

We are currently focussing on a randomized-controlled single-blind CBT intervention trial (CBT-dE) to investigate whether a new form of CBT-dE is more effective than standard treatment in reducing delusions in inpatient and outpatient clinics.

Other topics of research:

  • Risk factors of psychosis
  • Improving interventions in substance use disorders
  • Computerized support of CBT interventions
  • Ecological mobile assessment
  • Activation of positive and negative stereotypes on cognitive performance
  • Long Covid/Post Covid
  • Conspiracy theories