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Welcome to the reseach website of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Marburg.

Our main research foci are:

  1. Etiology of mental disorders, particularly psychosis and affective disorders
  2. MR Brain Imaging of cognition, emotion, communication and social interaction in healthy subjects and patients with mental disorders
  3. Improving therapy in psychiatric disorders, particularly psycho- and pharmacotherapy; neuroplasticity and therapy
  4. Computational Psychiatry: Our work focuses on investigating the computational principles of behavioral, neural, and psychological dynamics in humans and how these dynamics change in psychiatric disorders. We use primarily techniques from machine learning, dynamical systems theory, and network control theory aiming to understand if and how these dynamics can be quantified, predicted, and controlled.

Please refer to the particuar research groups of the department for further details.
A 3-Tesla research scanner is available at the Faculty of Medicine for high-profile structural and functional MRI imaging of the human brain. 

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