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RP 10

Dr. Johannes Mayer: Dendritic cell reprogramming through the tumor secretome leads to dysfunctional anti-tumor T cell responses

Johannes Mayer will investigate to what extend the tumor microenvironment, and more specifically the tumor-cell secretome, lead to Dendritic cell reprogramming and a resulting dysfunctional anti-tumor T cell response. On the one hand we will determine the unique characteristics of dendritic cells (DC) within the omentum, ascites and blood of ovarian cancer patients using state-of-the-art single-cell analysis techniques, in order to define signals within the tumor microenvironment that lead to DC reprogramming and dysfunctional T cell activation. Using advanced in vitro cell culture techniques we will investigate the molecular mechanisms of action and develop novel treatment options to rescue DC functionality within the TME to promote effective anti-tumor immunity.                                                                                        

Possible mechanisms of dendritic cell and reprogramming dysfunctional T cell priming through the tumor microenvironment