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Robert Liefke / Andreas Neubauer: Overcoming AML drug resistance by attacking SKI and the PRC2/NF-κB-axis

Andreas Neubauer and Robert Liefke plan to investigate changes in the tumor secretome upon PRC2-inhibition with focus on their role in drug resistance and their impact on the pro-tumorigenic activity of the cells within the TME. Here, they investigate the interplay between PRC2, NF-κB and the transcription factor SKI in AML cells to explore the role of inflammatory pathways for the secretome composition. Finally, they aim to develop strategies to target this axis, in order to diminish the development of drug resistance.

Dissecting changes in the tumor secretome in AML cells upon PRC2-inhibition in a SKI-dependent manner and in patient plasma upon sorafenib/alloSCT- treatment on the molecular function.