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Thorsten Stiewe: Remodeling of the tumor microenvironment by mutant p53-stimulated glycoprotein secretion

Thorsten Stiewe will characterize comprehensively the impact of mutp5-stimulated N-glycoprotein folding on the tumor secretome and its influence on stroma cell phenotypes to reveal extracellular tumor promoting effectors of mutp53 using pancreatic cancer as a model. In addition, he will explore therapeutic modulation of the mutp53 secretome by directly targeting mutp53 (Bykov, Eriksson et al. 2018), glycoprotein processing and extracellular downstream effectors of mutp53 identified in the course of this project.

The role of p53 in the secretion of N-glycoproteins and EVs and their impact on recipient cells within the TME. MVB: multivesicular body, ER: endoplasmatic reticulum. p53 might exert nuclear and/or cytoplasmic function, e.g. via interaction with CBP/p300 acetyltransferases.