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Andreas Burchert: Secretome analysis to elucidate the mechanism of the sorafenib response and treatment therapy failure in transplanted FLT3-ITD AML patients

Andreas Burchert will analyze the profile of the therapy-induced secretome including EVs from FLT3-ITD positive AML patients, treated within the SORMAIN study to detect sorafenib-dependent changes. The biological function of identified proteins involved in the regulation of tumor immunity, chemotaxis, cell viability, metabolism, and autophagy will be tested. The p53-mutation status and the NF-κB-activation status of the patient tumor cells will be collected and correlated with the secretome changes and data on the clinical outcome. The aim is to generate and test an experimental working hypothesis about how sorafenib mediates its life-prolonging effects in patients.

Dissecting changes in the tumor secretome in AML cells upon PRC2-inhibition in a SKI-dependent manner and in patient plasma upon sorafenib/alloSCT- treatment on the molecular function.