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Program for Doctoral Candidates

MARA's Program for Doctoral Candidates is specifically designed to support doctoral candidates in developing their skills during the time they are pursuing their doctorate. It consists of two major focus areas – one in the natural and life sciences and one in the humanities and social sciences – and in this way continues the established tradition of Philipps-Universität's graduate centers, which are now integrated into MARA. While some of MARA's continuing education offerings are tailored to the respective academic culture, they frequently address all disciplines. At the same time, we take the special needs of international doctoral students into account by providing corresponding offers in both the English and German languages.

First and foremost, we offer a continuing education program consisting of courses and workshops that span the needs of multiple disciplines. Here, you have an opportunity to acquire and deepen skills that are useful to your everyday doctoral work. It is furthermore important to us to equip you with skills that are relevant to your career and help you get off to a successful start inside or outside academia. Individual consulting services round off our program. We constantly adjust our program to fit the needs of our members and therefore kindly welcome your suggestions.

In particular, we would like to direct your attention to our continuing education opportunities designed to promote and advance your writing skills in the German and English languages. Concise workshops on academic writing, courses on preparing an academic publication, and several half ­day workshops that address specific aspects of academic writing are all part of our Writing Lab. Our concept is complemented by our individual writing consultation, which is adapted to your individual needs.

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Dr. Karin Awe
MArburg University Research Academy (MARA)
Program for Doctoral Candidates
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