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Working Group 28 American Studies (2012–2016)

The Working Group 28 was a group of doctoral students who wished to establish interdisciplinary connections within the field of American Studies. It understood interdisciplinarity as a central characteristic of American Studies that allows scholars to expand their knowledge through individual approaches, theories, and methods of other disciplines. Its aim was to contribute to this interdisciplinary dialog in colloquiums, lecture events (e.g. presentations of work in progress), regular meetings and informal networking activities. The group addressed scholars of all disciplines who situate their field of research within American studies, such as political science, history, philosophy, and media studies, as well as (junior) scholars within the field of feminist studies, gender studies, sociology, and other disciplines of social sciences. In addition, the group welcomed other groups of the MArburg University Research Academy (MARA) to collaborate with it in order to maximize the potential of synergies and to increase the visibility of humanities and social sciences at the university through a number of projects.



November 2–4, 2012: PostGraduate Forum, program (PDF), and poster (PDF).