12.02.2024 Call for applications: Win KlarText Prize for science communication

Image: Rolf K. Wegst

The KlarText Prize enters the next round!

"What did you actually do in your doctoral thesis?" The answer to this question is the subject of KlarText, the Klaus Tschira Foundation's award for science communication!

The Klaus Tschira Foundation is looking for young researchers who have written a very good doctoral thesis and are keen to explain to a non-scientific audience what they have actually done in their research. And they can do this in the form of a generally understandable article or a clear infographic.

The special thing about the KlarText prize is: everyone wins. This is because all applicants - regardless of their ranking - can take part in a two-day workshop at the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik). The lecturers at NaWik show how professional communication works, both for writing texts and for visualizing one's own research.


All scientists who have written a doctoral thesis in biology, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, mathematics, neuroscience or physics in 2022 and 2023 are eligible to apply. Anyone who has completed a doctorate in a related field but can assign their work to one of the seven areas is also welcome to apply. Applications are still possible until February 28, 2024
You can find more information about the prize and the application process here.