17.01.2022 Equal Opportunity Scholarships are available!

The deadline for applications is February 5, 2022.

Three women sitting and reading a book
Photo: Felix Wesch

As part of Philipps-Universität Marburg's equal opportunity policy ("sustainable equal opportunities!") and with funds from the Female Professors Program of the Federal Government and the States, scholarships are usually awarded once a year for the completion of dissertations or habilitations as well as bridging positions for the continuation of an academic career at Philipps-Universität.

Completion scholarships are intended to assist particularly qualified female doctoral and postdoctoral students to complete their qualifying work when no other funding is available.

Bridging positions serve to support particularly qualified young female scientists in acquiring their own third-party funding. The funding addresses women who plan to continue their academic career towards a professorship.

For further information, please visit our Equal Opportunity Scholarships and Positions website.