02.11.2021 Is your data still up to date?

If you are registered as a doctoral candidate in the campus management system Marvin, we would like to remind you that - according to the doctoral regulations of the Philipps University - you have to confirm annually that your data is still up to date.

To do so, please log in with your access data by November 30, 2021 at https://marvin.uni-marburg.de. Then follow the menu items "User Information" - "Show own data" and check there whether the deposited data is correct. You can make changes of address yourself via "Edit my contact data". Afterwards, please follow the menu items "Study programs" - "Doctorate" and there follow the link "Update doctoral data". Then confirm that your data is up-to-date. In case of technical difficulties or if you do not (or no longer) know how to register, 
please send us an e-mail to marvin@uni-marburg.de.

For all other questions and notifications (e.g. regarding name changes, change of supervisor, applications for extension or termination of the doctorate, etc.), please contact your contact person at your department directly. They will make the necessary changes for you in Marvin and inform you about further steps.

We wish you continued success with your doctoral studies!