18.10.2023 Open Science Days 2023

The Open Science Initiative University Marburg (OSIUM)* offers a two-day program to equip you with the skills for implementing Open Science at any stage of your learning, teaching or research career.

Open Science Initiative University Marburg

The Open Science Initiative University Marburg (OSIUM) is an open and voluntary group consisting of researchers from all career stages and disciplines, dedicated to promoting open science practices.  OSIUM is serving as platform where researchers can easily learn and practice the use of these methods as well as benefit from others’ experience.

On December 4th and 5th, 2023 (10am - 5:30pm), the Open Science days will take place at Schulstraße 12 in Marburg. 
The two-day-program starts with brief overview presentations to important Open Science concepts and tools. In project work slots you can apply Open Science concepts to your own project or work on already registered projects collaboratively. You can join either for the whole program or parts only. 

If you would like to participate please register here.

What is Open Science? 
Open Science is a simple concept: It is about using the opportunities and potentials of information and communication technologies for better access to and participation in scientific research and its results and methods.

OSIUM is a working group open to all members of the university that are interested in the topic of open and sustainable research. OSIUM is part of MARA and has its own working group. 
For more information about Open Science, the research group or the Open Science Days, click here.