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Philosophie / Philosophy (major subject in a combined bachelor’s degree)

Photo: Felix Wesch

Program: Philosophie / Philosophy
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Program option: major subject in a combined bachelor's degree
Study model: combined bachelor's degree
Program length: 6/8 semesters / 3/4 years (180/ 210 ECTS points) (depending on the combination)
Start: Winter semester


Philosophy is driven by the desire to understand the human experience, the basic structures of thought and communication and the ethical foundations of our actions. The major in philosophy at the Philipps-Universität Marburg provides a broad knowledge of the subject in terms of both content and methodology. The programme qualifies you to analyse scientific and societal problems and to be able to assess them using argumentation in both university and non-university professional practice. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject with special attention to the use of the written word and offers numerous opportunities to develop the interests of students. History and contemporary issues are closely intertwined. The degree programme is designed to enable you to independently diagnose fundamental problems close to and far from the subject and to show possible ways of solving problems with methodological and reasoned support. 

An integral part of the combined Bachelor's degree is the MarSkills programme, in which you will acquire valuable, future-oriented skills.


There is still a noticeable discrepancy between the study and profession of philosophy. Teaching philosophy as a profession is something that only a few people have the opportunity to do. In addition to the prospect of a career as a university lecturer, a number of occupational fields have emerged with requirements that are compatible with the skills offered by the philosophy major. These include:
Adult education, work in specialist publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, philosophical counselling, librarian, administrative specialist in the higher civil service, organisational, consulting and management activities in state-administrative, cultural and business management sectors.
The combined bachelor's major, which is geared towards introducing and providing an overview of the subject, also serves as a foundation for the subsequent Master's programme.

The choice of your major subject will decisively shape your professional qualifications profile. In conjunction with one or two minor subjects, your relevant work experience (e.g. internships, part-time jobs, voluntary work) and your personal skills, it will enable you to refine your profile and carve out your own individual array of career options.